About the MWHL

The Mountain West Hockey League (MWHL) is a Senior A minor hockey league consisting of clubs from across the western United States. The league was founded in 2012. The MWHL’s mission is to provide adult hockey players with a safe, competitive environment for continuing their sporting ambitions at the highest level. The MWHL is comprised of ten teams in three divisions.

For many players, the MWHL serves as a stepping stone to European leagues and upper-level professional minor leagues across North America. MWHL clubs are comprised mostly of top local talent supplemented by a few import players. MWHL clubs host try-out camp in September and October, inviting players to demonstrate their talent and skills for coaches. Successful players are invited to club training camps where they can compete for roster positions.

The MWHL schedule runs from November through March. Each club plays a league schedule supplemented by non-league contests. The league awards a trophy and banner to the club with the best league record at the end of the regular season. The top ranked clubs participate in the MWHL Cup Championship play-off tournament in April. The winner receives a championship cup and banner.

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